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ROUND-Up – PART 3 of 4: Wallpaper Mag + New Beat + Greatest UK No1s + More

I have been criminally neglecting my website for well over a year now. Guess I just got in the habit of posting on the Mark Moore/S’Express page and on my Instagram. Well there’s no excuse now that we are in second Lockdown in the UK – so here’s a round up of a few select items. How you managed without these I will never know. (Part 3 of 4)


A Social Media Rant

Here’s my photo from the latest edition of the wonderful Wallpaper Magazine in full.

A gratuitous posting I know. Having watched the Netflix doc The Social Dilemma (about how social media, AI and algorithms are destroying the fabric of our society) I feel I need to come clean and operate on social media with complete transparency. It’s a well know fact that Mark Moore & S’Express were never real but were in fact holograms. As time went by we needed to save money so the holograms were replaced by animated gifs. Now that there is renewed interest in S’Express and all things from the past, and I find myself being wheeled out for various documentaries and forthcoming box sets, we think that the best way to deal with this is to have a hired actor be my avatar.

This actor looks and talks exactly like me and, bizarrely enough, even has the same name as me. He has been set up in a house that looks exactly like my virtual home and, as far as I know, is probably the person typing this and updating my social media.

I feel much better now being honest with you. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my AI mind. I promise that my social media will do everything to help bring you joy and NOT add to destroying the fabric of our society. With eternal love, your virtual friend, Mark Moore.


Wallpaper Magazine

There’s a lovely article in the September Wallpaper* magazine (The Style Edition – jam packed with good stuff!) featuring the musical collaboration of designer Hussein Chalayan, Dan Donovan and myself. Our Dreamtracks EP will be out soon (in 2021 fingers crossed) – will keep you posted for sure!⁠

(Big up to Samuel J Butt for taking the Polaroids.Thank you the marvellous team of Dal Choda + Sarah Douglas + Jason Hughes + Melina Keays.)



Pam Hogg Spotted In Garden!

Love that Pam Hogg got papped in my garden by The Evening Standard. The only thing is that I took the picture, which Pam posted on her Instagram, and they ‘borrowed’ the picture. Top marks to them for being creative during lockdown though.

Mark Moore & Pam Hogg


Belgian New Beat

Here’s a new interview I did with James Anderson on the highly misunderstood and (I think) slightly maligned genre of Belgian New Beat! On the Fred Perry website.



Guardian Top 100 Greatest UK No 1s

How simply marvellous … Theme From S’Express made it into The Guardian’s Top 100 Greatest UK No 1s! Only just found out. It’s in good company too. Anything else you think should be in there? I can already think of a few things missing.



Heaven Nightclub / The Asylum

Another pic from my photo archives. This one was taken at Heaven nightclub back in the day on the Asylum night. In those days when you went there people who looked good or interesting would often be asked to model in a fashion show of an up and coming designer who frequented the club. So the next week you would be on the stage modelling. Sometimes you would even be chosen and flown out to Tokyo and would be modelling there even though you had no experience whatsoever.

So this was taken by one of the models in the show who had a Polaroid camera, took a pic of me and then threw it to me in the crowd. It was obviously someone I knew but I can’t remember who. Also in the pic is Michelle Ndrika from S’Express (long before S’Express was even an idea). Fun times!⁠


Mark Moore Interview by Stewart Who

Behold a wonderful Mark Moore interview by the delectable Stewart Who on the culturally queer roots in the UK history of Acid House.



S’EXPRESS – Enjoy This Trip album + Excursions EP

Theme From S’Express Hot Creation Remixes

Dreams Of Deja Vu Remixes by Mark Moore & Roland Faber