Mark Moore S'Express in Tzjui jacket

Mark Moore – This Other Eden NFT

Mark Moore and a bunch of London scene queen icons, heroines and reprobates have been turned into NFTs to raise money for LGBTQ+ homeless - The Outside Project.GET THE PORTRAITS HERE!GET MARK’S NFT! DETAILS:This Other Eden is a digital portrait series featuring 27 LGBTQ+ creatives released by @atemporalshift to benefit @lgbtiqoutside.Each portrait only uses the same energy as sending 3 emails.The NFT DROP is on Thursday 09.06.22 at 18:00 BST at @niftys with @palmnft#edennft #jubliee #alternativejubileeCREDITSConcept: @fayann_smith @warboymusic for @atemporalshiftPhotographer: @lukenugentstudioAnimations: @max_resolution_is_aliveProject Hair & Make-up Director: @callistalorianTo Benefit: @lgbtiqoutsidePORTRAITS a-z:@atelierococo@ayishat_akanbi@bestley__@biminibabes@

Mark Moore with synths and keytar in Fiction Studios

Mark Moore on Greatest ABBA Cover Versions Ever doc

Catch Mark Moore on the telly on Greatest ABBA Cover Versions Ever - this Saturday 21st May at 10.45pm on Channel 5. Mark is on it ranting about various cover versions of ABBA by the likes of Madonna + William Orbit, Portishead, Erasure, Blancmange, Sinead O’Connor, Cher and more. William Orbit will be talking about his pal Madge and their ‘lost’ ABBA cover. Andy Bell's talking about his chart topping ABBA covers. Also general talk about how ABBA...

Mark Moore S-Express djing on decks at Sue Webster Mole House.

Sue Webster Full Leather Jackets Show – Siouxsie And The Banshees / Mark Moore & Dan Donovan

Mark Moore & Dan Donovan have created a soundscape by remixing, remodelling and re-imagining the music of Siouxsie And The Banshees. This was commissioned by artist Sue Webster for her Siouxsie inspired Full Leather Jackets show. The soundtrack accompanied a ‘fashion show’ which took place at Sue's award winning Mole Man House and studio in DeBeauvoir, Hackney. Her painted leather jackets and Siouxsie Sioux Bank Of England pound notes are all part of her...