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Mark Moore A Night At The Scala (Movie Soundtrack Mixtape
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A Night at the Scala

Inspired by my teenage nights at The Scala Cinema where you would end up after the clubs shut.  I got my movie education there. There’s nothing better than watching ‘Eraserhead’ or ‘Female Trouble’ with a packed house full of clubland’s finest dressed up to the nines. 

Mark Moore - Veruschka Is In Paris Mixtape 
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Veruschka Is In Paris

“I thought you were supposed to be in Paris.”
Veruschka: “I Am In Paris.”

This is what I imagine she danced to while she was there.

Mark Moore - Very Beautiful Lips Mixtape
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Very Beautiful Lips

Next time you put on your lip-stick could you do something for me? Sit down, look at yourself, relax and say “I’ve got the Very Beautiful Lips Mix by Mark Moore” And that way, when you apply your lipstick you’ll be applying it to every single corner of your mouth. Could you do that for me?

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 (Part 1)
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Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 pt1

I found an old mix tape of me at Sign Of The Times from 1992. The sound quality isn’t great so it won’t sound so good on big speakers (it’s mastered off a 20 year old cassette tape!). This is all live (and yes it’s messy!), made under the influence of one of London’s finest (and messiest) clubs…

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 Part 2
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Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 pt2

Here’s part 2 of the Sign Of The Times mix. The flyer pic is just one I chose at random so no idea if it’s the actual flyer. Enjoy – it’s not quite as messy as the first : )

Mark Moore

Track Downloads

S'Express x Lady Bunny x T-Total

S’Express x Lady Bunny x T-Total – Sneakin’

Sneakin’ – an S’Express & T-Total track featuring international superstar Lady Bunny. Lady Bunny is on top form telling the tale of a typical night in her life.

Previously only heard as the soundtrack of a Vivienne Westwood video campaign. Loungy and laid back – a perfect cruising and seduction track. Enjoy!

Wild Daughter Mr G Brando Bomb Mark Moore Dan Donovan raunchy record cover

Wild Daughter – Brando Bomb

A Mark Moore and Dan Donovan production of Wild Daughter.

Wild Daughter are James Jeanette, Stuart McKenzie and Jacob Shaw. A great live band with magnificent punk rock energy and guitars along with their beloved drum machine Brenda.

Eon vs S’Express – Last Mission Helsinki (2010)

Eon vs S’Express – Last Mission Helsinki

Here is the track that I was working on with Ian B just before he passed away. For a long time I wasn’t able to go back and finish it but here it is now. It’s the last track Eon recorded and I figured it would be good to put it up for all to download. Please feel free to pass it around, I’m sure Ian would be happy to give it out to everyone.

Divine & Bobby O Native Love Mark Moore & Eon Multiple Maniacs Remix

Divine & Bobby O – Native Love

(Mark Moore & Eon Multiple Maniacs Remix)

Here is an unreleased mix I did with Eon (aka Ian B) of Divine & Bobby O’s ‘Native Love (Step By Step)’. Our full vocal mix (completely different to this one) was released on the ‘Jon of the Pleased Wimmin presents Female Trouble: Divine – The Remixes’ album in 1996 but this one never saw the light of day. I just found it on an old acetate, blew off the dust, and digitised it for your listening pleasure.

S'Express Mark Moore Enjoy This Trip Cover

S’Express – Theme From S’Express

(A Jackin’ Phreak Acid Mix)

I begged my friend, Acid maestro A Jackin’ Phreak, for a remix. Alas it was too late to make the Enjoy This Trip album but here it is in all its glory.

Also check out A Jackin’ Phreak’s collab with Helena Eribenne (aka Chilo from S’Express) – Tidalwave. He’s the man and I am eternally grateful to him!

S'Express Mark Moore Enjoy This Trip Cover

S’Express – Funky Killer

(Red Snapper Remix)

Exclusive bonus track!

When I saw Red Snapper perform a live soundtrack to the revived, 1973 Senegalese movie Touki Bouki, I just had to have a remix! A great live band and another mix that should have made the Enjoy This Trip album. Go checkout the mighty Red Snapper!