QX Mag

Chartage 904 + 897


QX 904 Chart:


1. Adamski – I Like It [Continental]
Party tune with a nod to old skool house. An excellent hybrid. Nice Attar! Remix too.



2. Peter & The Magician – Memory (Club Mix) [Kitsuné]
Solid Italo singalong that will get you hand waving with gay abandon.



3. Ilya Santana – Running To Your Love [Nang Records]
Enigmatic synth-pop with a delicious slo-mo disco mix by Sportloto Omega.



4. Sharam Jey – That Body [Nervous Records]
Disco boogie/house tune that puts a summer smile on your face.

5. Digitalism – Silenz / So Totally Good [!K7 Records]
Epic exclusive tracks included on Digitalism’s new mix album.

6. Moonlight Matters – Come For Me EP [Kitsuné]
80s mayhem. Mighty Mouse, Punks Jump Up + Herr Styler on the remixes.

7. Strip Steve ft. Puro Instinct – Astral Projection [BoysNoize Records]
Destructo Remix goes all spacey 80’s industrial hi-nrg pop!

8. Azarii & III – Into The Night (Original + Remixes) [Loose Lips / Island]
Various remixes including a dreamy Nicholas Jarr one + Prince Language’s old skool mix.

9. Grand Dame – Black Leather [Fil Ok Remix) [free download]
Dirty remix and lush vocal – much fun!

10. Rory Phillips – Cosmic Fluff / Mover [Mixed Fortunes Singles Club]
Acid house homage and gorgeous atmospheric down-tempo disco.

11. Jon Pleased Wimmin ft. Suzy Q – Guiltless [Planet Acetate Records]
Charming and melodic electrodisco from the first lady of handbag.

12. Cori Josias – Takin’ It Straight [Nang Records]
Electodisco pop tune from 1983 resurrected and re-released. Great dub.

13. Justice – New Lands (Remixes) [Ed Banger Records]
Falcon, SebastiAn + A-Trak on the remixes. Thumbs up to all three.

14. Little Boots – Headphones (Moon Boots / Dimitri From Paris Remixes) [679 Records]
Moon Boots elegant remix. Dimitri reworks Alisha’s ‘Baby Talk’ (who reworked Madonna) for a poptastic Balearic treat.

15. Steve Morell & Monika Pokorna – Lady Pheres EP [Pale Music]
Smokey ballad from these Berlin rock ‘n’ roll romantics.


Chart compiled by Mark Moore for QX International Magazine #904 (5/7/2012)


QX 897 Chart:


1. Gigamesh – All My Life EP [Kitsuné]
‘Your Body’ has an uplifting vintage house vibe with a slight modern twist. One of 4 great tracks on the EP.



2. Rory Phillips – Chamber Music / Factor 50 [Mixed Fortunes Singles Club]
Mutant disco, spaced out with chugging synth action. Superb.

3. Adamski – I Like It [Continental]
Party tune with a nod to old skool house. An excellent hybrid. Nice Attar! Remix too.

4. Noblesse Oblige – Arnold Layne [Halcyon Records]
Delicious electro-pop cover of Pink Floyd.



5. Punks Jump Up – Mr Overtime [Moda]
Camptastic Italo Club Version with Gigamesh, Mickey and Oliver on the remixes.

6. Chromatics – Kill For Love [Italians Do It Better]
Gorgeous, New Order-esque, synth-pop with a melancholy edge from the dazzling new album.



7. Tobor Experiment Disco Experience – The Remix Experience EP [Bearfunk]
‘Disco Moog’ gets a funky Fabrizio Mammarella Remix.

8. Laurent Garnier – Our Futur ft. The L.B.S. Crew [Ed Banger ]
Moroderish Hi-NRG action. Also comes in a stripped down Detroit Mix.



9. Jupiter – One O Six (The Supermen Lovers Remixes) [Grand Blanc]
Classic Mix is all funky disco while the Basic Remix is stripped and grandiose. Also check A.N.D.Y. mix.



10. KDMS – Wonderman (Tiedye + Justus Köhncke ft. Alexis Taylor Remix) [Gomma]
Laid back, sexy, disco-boogie. Spaced out bliss.

11. Hot Chip – Night And Day [Domino]
Quirky discoid track!

12. Kris Menace – We Are ft. The Kiki Twins (Italo Brutalo Remix) / Fly Me To The Moon [Compuphonic]
Downtempo Italo with a 90s style belting diva – plus excellent bonus track.

13. Housemeister – Clarice (Zombie Nation Remix) [BoysNoize]
Throbbing, frantic techy soundscape.

14. Goldroom – Fifteen (ft Chela) [free download]
Slo-mo and summery track to drift away to.

15. Scissor Sisters – Only The Horses (Horsepower Remix) [Polydor]
Bart B More, Tommie Sunshine & Rip Tide collaborate for an uplifting Eurodance mix.


Chart compiled by Mark Moore for QX International Magazine #897 (17/5/2012)