Tramps! a New Romantic documentary

Tramps! A subversive New Romantic Documentary

Tramps! New Romantic documentary poster

The death of Punk, the New Romantics and the art of survival

Mark Moore is appearing in Tramps! – a new documentary by Kevin Hegge.
The film is a about the New Romantics movement and queer club culture in the 80s onwards – concentrating on the people involved rather than just the bands. Tramps! had its premiere when it was chosen for the BFI Flare closing gala earlier this year – but if you missed it, worry not, as the film is doing a tour of England, Scotland and Wales. Not to mention a few stops in the USA, Argentina, France and Australia.
“Repositioning the New Romantics as an art movement rather than an exclusively pop-cultural one, and foregrounding the LGBTQIA+ stories at its core, TRAMPS! traces a genealogy of like-minded artists that predated the era, such as the influential Derek Jarman, and illustrates how they laid the foundations for the creative subcultures that followed. The film’s focus on the defiance and daring, glitter and grit of groundbreaking figures such as Philip Sallon, Judy Blame, Princess Julia, Scarlett Cannon, John Maybury, Mark Moore and Duggie Fields brings a bold and brilliant creative moment to light, and rewrites what we think we know about the era.”

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