Mark Moore S'Express in Tzjui jacket

Mark Moore – This Other Eden NFT

Mark Moore and a bunch of London scene queen icons, heroines and reprobates have been turned into NFTs to raise money for LGBTQ+ homeless - The Outside Project.GET THE PORTRAITS HERE!GET MARK’S NFT! DETAILS:This Other Eden is a digital portrait series featuring 27 LGBTQ+ creatives released by @atemporalshift to benefit @lgbtiqoutside.Each portrait only uses the same energy as sending 3 emails.The NFT DROP is on Thursday 09.06.22 at 18:00 BST at @niftys with @palmnft#edennft #jubliee #alternativejubileeCREDITSConcept: @fayann_smith @warboymusic for @atemporalshiftPhotographer: @lukenugentstudioAnimations: @max_resolution_is_aliveProject Hair & Make-up Director: @callistalorianTo Benefit: @lgbtiqoutsidePORTRAITS a-z:@atelierococo@ayishat_akanbi@bestley__@biminibabes@