Lady Bunny in blonde wig and red robe

S’Express x Lady Bunny x T-Total – Sneakin’ track

Lady Bunny in blonde wig and red robe

Welcome to my new, revamped and remodelled website! Have a look around as there’s been a load of changes.

Over the next few months, I shall be putting out a bunch of unreleased tracks that I found in my vaults – including some S’Express stuff. 

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The first one is the S’Express & T-Total track featuring international superstar Lady BunnySneakin’. We did this a while back and it features Lady Bunny on top form telling the tale of a typical night in her life.

Previously only heard as the soundtrack of a Vivienne Westwood video campaign. Loungy and laid back – a perfect cruising and seduction track. Enjoy!

(T-Total are the delectable Tasty Tim & Robert Michael)

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