Tyson Out Of My Mind

QX Mag 841


Tyson Out Of My MindOur man Tyson is on a roll! As mentioned before Tyson was a member of the wonderful Unklejam before they split up and he is now a signed solo artist on BackYard Records. Not content on having a storming dancefloor hit with ‘Die On The Dancefloor‘ he returns with the equally addictive and uplifting ‘Out Of My Mind‘. This one starts off a bit ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ before getting a whole heap of injected soul once Tyson’s falsetto vocal comes in. It’s very seductive. But the one you’ll be hearing in discerning nitespots is The Swiss Remix (The Swiss being another Revoltage fave) giving it a gorgeous, beefed up, electro hi-nrg injection. This is coming on an EP with four more Italo/Eurodisco inspired gems (I can hear RAF/Laura Branigan influences in ‘Love’s On The Line‘!) Tyson is channeling the spirit of Sylvester and we love him!

The fabulous In Flargranti deliver new one ‘Worse For Wear’. It’s an unusual slice of mutant tech-disco. It does actually sound like the sound of a hangover … I mean this in a good way! The PJU Remix takes it into an even more mutant disco territory and feels very much like something updated from the legendary Ze Records sound of yore. Finally my new faves Mixhell give it a good workout incorporating all sorts from techno to new wave industrial. The duo will have their new (third) album, also titled ‘Worse For Wear‘, out soon on the Codek label.


Mark Moore for QX International Magazine #841 (21/4/2011)