Mark Moore Sign of the Times Pt 1 That Will Be The Day

Mark Moore Live @ Sign Of The Times 1992 (Part 1)

I found an old mix tape of me at Sign Of The Times from 1992. The sound quality isn’t great so it won’t sound so good on big speakers (it’s mastered off a 20 year old cassette tape!) but to be honest it will sound fine on small speakers and your iPod.

This is all live (and yes it’s messy!), made under the influence of one of London’s finest (and messiest) clubs… no overdubs or edits, just an honest capture of a moment in time with no Ableton or Traktor for sweat free perfection.


Hope you enjoy. Mark


Degrees Of Motion ft. Biti – Do You Want It Right Now (Scream Up Mix)
Lemon Interupt – Eclipse
Sure Is Pure – Is This Love Really Real? (Original Gem Mix)
Inner City – Pennies From Heaven (Deep Reese Mix)
React 2 Rhythm – I Know You Like It (Fabi Paras Remix)
KC Flightt – Voices (Original Dub Mix)
Bump – I’m Rushing