Mark Moore S-Express in Blitz Mag shoot

Blitz Mag + We Can Be Heroes Books

Mark Moore Blitz

Here’s a pic of my first modelling job for Blitz magazine which launched my illustrious modelling career (um… well I did one more for ID mag modelling t-shirts but I still sit by the phone waiting). The title of this shoot was ‘WE’RE NOT HERE TO SELL CLOTHES.’ It had an anti-nuclear theme as we all lived in fear of being nuked by Russia back then … as well as the earth crashing into the sun.

… from the forthcoming Blitz Magazine and style book by Iain R Webb.
We can be heroes

Have you checked out the ‘We Can Be Heroes – Punk, New Romantics and Beyond’ book by Graham Smith and Chris Sullivan? A brilliant, historic document of the club scene in the 80s via The Blitz club, Spandau Ballet, Visage, the New Romantics and Futurist scene. I’m in it giving a few of my reminisces on Boy George, Phillip Sallon, Princess Julia, etc. and it also has my playlist from The Mud Club. Book of the year!