Miss Moneypenny's Mark Moore Mix CD

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Mark Moore – Miss Moneypenny’s Glamorous One

(with Tony DeVit & Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan on the other CDs)

UK 3 x CD [TOTAL MPENNY CD1] includes CD booklet and list of club members insert.

UK LTD EDITION 3 x CASSETTE [TOTAL MPENNY MC1] includes 3 x picturecard inserts of Transformer and friends, CD booklet and list of club members insert.

Mark’s Mix:
1. BI Boy Action Squad – Boopaloopa (Phil Kelsey Mix)
2. NY Alliance – Killa Beat
3. Clank – Funk Me
4. Soul Surfers – Slip (Billy Kiltie Remix)
5. Space – Female Of The Species (D’Still’d Remix)
6. R/Factors – Vis R’ Vis
7. S’Express – Theme From S’Express (Aquarius Remix)
8. Playmate Puzzle – Discotecs
9. Outrage – Tall ‘N’ Handsome (Dex ‘N’ Jonesey Mix)
10. The Last Discosuperstars – Euro-Phoria
11. Baby Blue – Child
12. Ping Pong – It’s About Rhythm (K-Groove Remix)
13. The Blue Boy – Remember Me

Label: Miss Moneypenny's Music
Release Date: 1997
Genres: DJ Mix, LP
People: Mark Moore, Tony DeVit & Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan