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Welcome to my New Site!

Welcome to my new website. This replaces my old websiteMark Moore which was hosted by Trust The DJ but mysteriously disappeared with no warning many moons ago. I have no idea of the how and the why. Ten years’ worth of reporting and senseless babble … silenced with one click of a button. But once again I return and at the exact moment when I decide I’m finally over all this blogging, Twitter and Facebook yet find I’m forced to do it all over again… maybe.

Ten years ago it was all so new. There were no Twitter or Facebook. Friendster and MySpace were just about to kick in. I was documenting on my site a small musical revolution called Electroclash which later got run out of town like the Frankenstein monster but never really went away. It morphed a bit and got given the shorter name of Electro and Electrodisco. It may not have been as earth shattering as previous revolutions I witnessed such as Punk, the New Romantics, Hip-Hop and Acid House but it was still a hell of a lot o’ fun. I had hard evidence including photos from various parties in London and all around the world. Young kids who 10 years later are now running things, photographed and recorded. The music, the records, the clubs, the gigs, the people, the fashions. All meticulously recorded … but now it’s all gone.

Or maybe not! Gradually on an old hard drive I am finding bits and pieces of the old site. Labeled and filed in a way that must have made sense to me once but no longer. I shall be reposting many of them, as I discover more, over the coming months… perhaps. I’ll also post some old stuff of that band I used to be in … maybe.

In the meantime enjoy what’s here. A handful of old posts are already up … followed by a long gap where, feeling free from the spell of having to maintain a website that had gone awol, I roamed the seedy cityscapes by night, no longer chained to my steam powered computer (reporting … endlessly reporting) feeling a new sense of freedom. This is then followed by ‘new content’ such as this. Hastily cobbled together with little enthusiasm and minus a new revolution but with added bitterness and rage at having to be a slave to you all again.

Reporting and ranting. Your eternal friend, Mark Moore

STOP PRESS!: Great news! Matt from TTDJ has kindly informed me that the old posts are not lost and are now archived here (minus the photos unfortunately):

Many thanks Matt and Trust The DJ.